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Software Installation

Many people prefer to use desktops instead of laptops. Here are the desktop parts we can fix or replace:

  • LCD screens
  • motherboard
  • DVD-ROM and CD-ROM
  • hard drives
  • network adapters
  • keyboards
  • touch-pads
  • memory
  • wireless adaptors

If you are a home or small business user, and have any issues with the listed items, call (773) 572-1366 and get a free quote today!

After our technician performs a diagnosis on your computer, they will speak with you to determine the next step-to repair or replace. If the technician determines parts are needed for repairs, they will assist you in ordering them online. If parts are needed, we will return to you as soon as parts arrive to your home or office for installation and completion of the job. Our experienced technicians provide keyboard and motherboard repair, hard drive replacement, memory upgrades, and wireless connectivity.

You won't loose your valuable data. Our technicians have extensive knowledge in data backup and data recovery and have all the tools to perform these services. If our repair technician determines your computer is too expensive to repair and fix, they will discuss the situation with you and assist you in determining a replacementcomputer or laptop for your needs.

If you have a problem with your computer, please bring it to our office:

If you need your computer to be repaired at your location, call us or send us an online request for specific rate quotes on computer repair services, performed at your lication. Please make sure to provide your name, phone and contact information.


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