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Custom - Built Computers

If you need a computer for specific work or services, we can help you build a custom system. Let us know what your requirements are and we can order the parts and build the computer for you, or we can give you an advice about what computer you should order. We will give you and advice about the:

  • LCD screens
  • motherboard
  • DVD-ROM and CD-ROM
  • hard drives
  • network adapters
  • keyboards
  • touch-pads
  • memory
  • wireless adaptors

After your computer arrives, we can help you with the purchase and the installation of the software you need. We can help you install anti-virus software, spyware removal software and other utilities you may need.

If you need some special type of software we can help you find, purchase and install it.

If you need help hooking up your computer or connecting it to the Internet, we will be happy to help you.

If you need a custom-built computer, please call us or visit our office:

If you cannot visit us or call us you can send us an online request. Please make sure to provide your name, phone and contact information.


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